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Keep your law firm running smoothly when you contract with the Law Office of Marc Lichtenberg. I am there when you need help and it's must be a Lawyer to do the job. Give a call for quality legal work at predictable and affordable prices.


An experienced lawyer creating wills and trusts-living and special needs, Plaintiff & Defendant personal injury other non-criminal matters. Social Security disability application & overpayment, Small Claims advice.  Adjustable rates for low income & disabled persons

 Since 2008

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California State Bar Number 263315



Who I Am

The Law Office of Marc Lichtenberg is there for you when you need help. Based in the North Bay serving SF, Marin, Sonoma and Alameda Counties, I provide expert legal services to sole practitioners, small firms and individual clients at affordable client sensitive rates.

For small legal providers I am your Instant Associate by contract. Whenever extra hands are needed and they have got to be a lawyer's I am your salvation.

For individual clients who didn't think they could get a good lawyer like persons with disabilities, elders and those with claims too small for most lawyers. First rate help is now available for you.

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